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Our 'Platinum Package' for bikini models

Our 'Platinum Package' is the highest level arrangement for those requiring international services and assignments from our modelling agency. It offers any potential bikini model the opportunity to upload 1.5Gb of your pictures for potential advertisiers to view, into your own international portfolio. All our modelling clients globally will be able to view your photographs, and assignments will be offered worldwide meaning international work or travel. Your pictures will appear in your own portfolio decreasing your competition, and making it easier for our client to select a perfect model for their assignment.

Our Platinum Package costs €299 for a complete years membership, during which our modelling clients will be able to choose you for their international assignments. You will receive 100% of the money you make on any assignment - we take no commission or booking fee.

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01 May 2007
We are currently offering all of our models who qualify to register in our portfolio a €50 discount on all three packages.

14 Apr 2007
Three of our girls visit St Lucia in the Caribbean with one of the most renowned surfwear companies in the world.

23 Mar 2007
Bikini Models reports all time high sales figures following successful British and Spanish marketing campaign.